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A long-lasting lubricant, a delay spray or a gentle cleaning spray. Whatever you’re looking for, at pjur we’ve got the right high quality intimate products for you. Our vision is to improve your love life. We help you rediscover your passion and joy, enable you to enjoy carefree sex and increase your sexual wellbeing.

As a family-run company, we’ve put our heart and soul into what we do for more than 25 years. The name pjur {pronounced “pure”} is a by-word for reliability and safety the world over, promising premium products “Made in Germany” to uncompromising quality standards.  See more about us.

Topsellers for you

You decide what you want. Find your products to enhance your pleasure and to increase your quality of life. This is just a selection, here are all pjur products for you. Get yours at you adult retail store of trust or in your pharmacy. Alternatively you also can buy the products online. Enjoy your moments with pjur!


The original. Our best-seller and one of the most popular silicone personal lubricants worldwide. Extremely efficient, offering exceptionally long-lasting lubrication.

Super Soft

Specially developed for sensitive female skin. This product offers extremely long-lasting lubrication and leaves skin feeling silky smooth.

Relax & Enjoy

A more highly concentrated silicone personal lubricant for dealing with intense sensations during anal sex. The combination of jojoba and high-grade silicone has a relaxing effect and provides extra-long-lasting lubrication.

Highly Compatible

This product contains high-quality silicone and is free from preservatives. It has been specially formulated for dry and highly sensitive mucous membranes and is even suitable for people with allergies. It doesn’t block pores and leaves you with silky, smooth skin.

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