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pjur sets focus on quality

pjur’s uncompromising focus on quality, investing in certified production processes and registering all its personal lubricants under medical class IIa is paying off.

  • pjur has received more than 40 industry awards during the last 25 years

  • pjur is the only brand in the adult industry that has all its personal lubricants registered under medical class IIa, fulfilling the highest criteria according to EU norms and regulations [ISO-13485:2016]. Consistent high quality is guaranteed through annual audits

  • pjur is the only privately-owned European lubricant brand to fulfil all regulations of the American FDA and that is certified to sell its products on the North American market
The symbols on our labels have a meaning

How can I tell if a product is a medical device? What should I look out for when choosing products?

  • CE-mark and a four-digit number displayed of the notified body (see top left on the label)
  • product is marketed as a medical device (see bottom on the label)

pjur is using only the highest-quality ingredients

Some ingredients like silicone can heavily vary in both quality and consumer experience

When it comes to health care, we want the best for consumers. Personal Lubes come into contact with some of the most intimate and sensitive areas of the body, therefore pjur ensures that its products are safe, clean and dependable.

Our certified German manufacturing facility only uses the highestquality ingredients to guarantee highest-quality intimate products »Made in Germany«.

Benefits of Silicones in Personal Lubricants

  • Lubricate the skin
  • Does not block pores
  • Provides extra long glideability

pjur has something to offer

pjur’s strategy has led and still leads to an on-going commercial success:

  • pjur being the leading personal lubricant brand on the European Adult market
  • pjur ORIGINAL being the world’s #1 best-selling silicone-based personal lubricant

pjur has aimed to set new standards within the industry with their market-oriented approach:

  • A strong brand: Development of campaigns to attract and develop new target groups
  • POS Excellence: Brand Space Concept, state-of-the-art in store branding
  • Sales expertise: pjur has expanded and grown its business to a network of whopping 70 countries, where pjur products are sold today

You benefit from working with Sugar & Sas

Partnering exclusively with Sugar&Sas since 2019 meant another step forward for pjur:

  • Local sales contact to guarantee high-class on-site* support and easy order procedures from warehouse in Australia (*depending on Covid situation)
  • Offer for face-to-face* trainings for sales personnel (*depending on Covid situation)
  • Direct feedback (through Sugar&Sas) to place customer needs and preferences with pjur headquarter

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