Educational series for customers and dealers delivering diverse information about the pjur brand.

The symbols on our labels have a meaning
How can I tell if a product is a medical device? What should I look out for when choosing products?

  • CE-mark and a four-digit number displayed of the notified body (see top left on the label)
  • product is marketed as a medical device (see bottom on the label)

pjur is using only the highest-quality ingredients

Some ingredients like silicone can heavily vary in both quality and consumer experience

When it comes to health care, we want the best for consumers. Personal Lubes come into contact with some of the most intimate and sensitive areas of the body, therefore pjur ensures that its products are safe, clean and dependable.

Our certified German manufacturing facility only uses the highest-quality ingredients to guarantee highest-quality intimate products »Made in Germany«.

Benefits of Silicones in Personal Lubricants

  • Lubricate the skin
  • Does not block pores
  • Provides extra long glideability

pjur has something to offer
pjur’s strategy has led and still leads to an on-going commercial success:

  • pjur being the leading personal lubricant brand on the European Adult market
  • pjur ORIGINAL being the world’s #1 best-selling silicone-based personal lubricant

pjur has aimed to set new standards within the industry with their market-oriented approach:

  • A strong brand: Development of campaigns to attract and develop new target groups
  • POS Excellence: Brand Space Concept, state-of-the-art in store branding
  • Sales expertise: pjur has expanded and grown its business to a network of whopping 70 countries, where pjur products are sold today

You benefit from working with Sugar & Sas
Partnering exclusively with Sugar&Sas since 2019 meant another step forward for pjur:

  • Local sales contact to guarantee high-class on-site* support and easy order procedures from warehouse in Australia (*depending on Covid situation)
  • Offer for face-to-face* trainings for sales personnel (*depending on Covid situation)
  • Direct feedback (through Sugar&Sas) to place customer needs and preferences with pjur headquarter

pjur is a family-owned company since 1995
pjur puts heart and soul into what they do for more than 25 years now.

  • The pjur group started producing lubricants in Germany in 1995.
  • With Alexander Giebel at the helm and headquartered in Luxembourg, the pjur group has maintained its production facilities in Germany, and has expanded rapidly into other countries, attaining a high degree of brand awareness in the process.
  • They engage in long-term and responsible entrepreneurship and fulfil their mission with selected partners who share and represent their values.

pjur lubricants come in many different packaging sizes
Depending on different needs, pjur provides sizes from the 1.5 ml sachet for one time use to the 1,000 ml bottle.

  • Sachet: The ideal size for samples (1.5 ml or 2 ml) and the perfect tool for targeted product sales. Provides enough content for one to two applications.
  • 10 ml: For extensive testing and up to ten applications.
  • 30 ml: Perfect for trips and on the move. Fits in every handbag or cosmetics bag. For 20 to 25 applications.
  • 100 ml: pjur’s standard size for home use. The ideal size for all conventional shop shelving and rapid product rotation.
  • 250 ml: Special economy size offering great value for money (price vs. amount).
  • 500 ml*: Optimum size for daily use.
  • 1000 ml*: Size for heavy users. Also suitable for refilling smaller containers.

*only pjur ORIGINAL

pjur offers dedicated products for erotic toys
pjur Toy Lube: The combination of water and silicone results in a creamy lubricant that can be accurately applied to toys.

  • Non-drip, high precision dosage
  • For all sex toys
  • Creamy consistency with extra long-lasting glideability

pjur Toy Clean: Keeping erotic accessories clean is crucial for ensuring a healthy sex life

  • Alcohol- and perfume-free
  • Cleaning spray for the hygienic cleansing of all sex toys
  • Dermatologically tested
pjur has the right products to stimulate senses – every time!
In addition to providing outstanding lubrication, some of our products contain special additives that deliver a tangible dual effect for that extra-special something. The additives are natural or naturally derived ingredients such as ginkgo or ginseng.

Ginseng refers to eleven different varieties of a short, slow-growing plant with fleshy roots. It has a warming, invigorating effect that enhances desire. It is ideal for female stimulation.

Ginkgo is a large tree with fan-shaped leaves. Ginkgo has represented growth, strength and power since time immemorial. This ingredient can therefore have an invigorating and stimulating effect.

Why the prices for pjur products had to be increased?
In respect to the long-term sales history of pjur products in Australia and to our friendly relationships to Australian customers we like to explain the recent price increase in more detail.

Since 2020, when the COVID pandemic started to influence all of our lives, the world market has changed dramatically. We experienced a serious shortage of raw material supplies and raised purchasing costs. In detail, the price of silicone raw material has gone up by 50%.

We intensely searched global wide to find alternatively sources to purchase medical grade raw materials at normal price levels but did not succeed as it is a worldwide phenomenon affecting all industries. This is in fact an unpleasant situation for manufacturers, customers and end consumers.

At the other side, pjur group’s policy is always to provide intimate products at their highest quality level. Consumer safety and consumer satisfaction are the core values of our entire activities.

The Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has announced that starting November 2021 a new classification rule is in place which changes the classification of products such as sexual lubricants from class I to class II medical devices in Australia. Which means the TGA follows the MDR (Medical Device Regulation) regulations of the European Community and the FDA regulations in the USA.

pjur group guarantees that all medical devices meet the TGA regulations already today as they are certified as medical device products class IIb and have been developed and produced according to the Quality Management Standard ISO 13485:2016.

pjur offers products for special needs
pjur med series is recommended for women who suffer from vaginal dryness

REASONS for vaginal dryness

  • Menopause
  • After pregnancy
  • Ingesting medication after chemotherapy or other
    hormonal imbalances
  • Oral contraceptive pills
  • Improper intimate hygiene
  • Stress


  • The vaginal tissue is usually thick and well lubricated, and forms a clear fluid when sexually excited which facilitates penetration by the penis and protects the vaginal walls.
  • If this fluid cannot be produced in sufficient quantity, the protective effect fails to materialize, and the movements of the penis become unpleasant and painful.
  • The sensitive vaginal mucosa can actually become excoriated as a result.
  • Minor injuries can occur, often leading to infection and inflammation.

SOLUTION: pjur med products
Thanks to the high-grade ingredients, the products of the pjur med series can provide valuable support, and that is why they are recommended by gynaecologists.

pjur offers products which contain important additives
These additives have supporting properties for your skin:

Provitamin B5/Panthenol binds moisture and has a soothing effect. It supports the skin’s elasticity and protects stressed, irritated skin. It accelerates cell renewal and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Jojoba has soothing, nurturing properties which have a positive effect on sensitive mucous membranes. It also leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth.

Hyaluron forms small cushions of water that boost the lubricating effect. It also has regenerative and moisturising properties.

Aloe Vera promotes cell regeneration and is therefore recommended for treating wounds. It is also used as a moisturiser in cosmetic products.

pjur offers products for special needs
 pjur med PREMIUM glide is recommended for people …

… with allergies
… with highly sensitive skin
… with neurodermatitis
… who suffer frequently from mycotic infections

Why pjur med PREMIUM glide?

  • Preservative-free, does not contain glycerin
  • The ingredients are of such purity that they ensure ideal skin compatibility
  • Provides a protective film on the skin, without clogging the pores, and leaves behind a silky smooth feeling while ensuring extra-long and sustained lubrication
  • Has also been confirmed as allergy-friendly in numerous tests

Sex may help to reduce stress and anxiety
Many people are worried about money, COVID, wars, or natural disasters at the moment. Now, more than ever, Australian’s stress levels are on the rise. In 2020-21, one in five (20%) Australians aged 16-34 years experienced high or very high levels of psychological distress.

Many Australians (61%) took actions to help manage their mental health. Of all people aged 16-85 years:

  • 37% increased their level of exercise or physical activity
  • 29% practised thinking positively
  • 28% did more of the things they enjoy

Sex can help to relax and take the mind off everyday worries and anxieties. During sex the body releases endorphins and oxytocin,
and these feel-good hormones create feelings of relaxation and intimacy, as well helping to stave off anxiety and depression. Science shows that sex can help to keep us healthy in both the emotional and physical sense too.

And what makes sex better? Lube!
Lube is one of the best bedroom enhancers around, making sex better, slicker, more enjoyable, and longer-lasting.
Each pjur product is designed to enhance sensations during everyone’s favourite past time. Regardless of whether they’re for someone alone, for couples, for the really curious or the really experienced, we want our products to enhance everyone’s love life. And that’s exactly what they do.

pjur has unveiled a new look
Time for a more modern look and new style of communication

More meaning, clearer values, higher brand recognition and greater differentiation from the competition – pjur is giving itself a whole new focus with its brand refresh and new brand communication.

New Logo
The pjur logo is made up of two components: the yellow dot and the word mark. These components form a strong design mark with high recognition and charisma. The new logo has a more modern, eye-catching look.

New Claim
The claim “Feel the Real” – which remains in English across all our markets – encapsulates the pjur brand promise in a single sentence. It speaks to the needs and desires of our target groups, and captures the values and purpose of the brand.

Download the new materials now!
All new graphics are available for download in the dealer lounge. Take a look and update your pjur presence to benefit from the new design and brand. Be part of the modern pjur world!

Visit the pjur dealer lounge:

What else has been changed with pjur’s brand refresh
There’s more than just a new logo and a new claim

The colours and images that pjur will use to shape its designs and communication in the future have also changed. pjur has chosen a completely new, very different colour palette, in addition to placing greater emphasis on shapes and using images that represent a lights on/lights off perspective.

New Colours
The pjur colour palette combines radiant colours with limitless colour gradients, including a soft white, an intimate black and pjur yellow for unmistakeable branding.
The pjur colour gradient runs through six different colours that cover all types of love, cultures and emotions. They are all at the same saturation level to forge a sense of belonging to each other.

New colour & image world
Lights On—pjur stands for respect, so we click the light on, demonstrating that no-one needs to hide their sexual needs and preferences. We visualise body positivity and authentic and natural sexuality. The lights on world is always used for products with white product packaging. Lights on features real-life snapshots of positive people
with a natural look, situation and lighting. Indirect, soft light illuminates intimate and emotional moments.

Lights Off—We turn the light off to demonstrate the magic that pjur sparks. This helps us show the mysterious and delightful side of pjur. It also enables pjur to maintain an association with the dark colour world. The lights off world is always used for products with black product packaging. Intimate situations and body parts are photographed in high contrast, with close-ups and interesting perspectives of spine-tingling moments, captured from a secretive, observational perspective. 

Download the new materials now!—All new graphics are available for download in the dealer lounge. Take a look and update your pjur presence to benefit from the new design and brand. Be part of the modern pjur world!
Visit the pjur dealer lounge:

The difference between pjur sprays and serums

Both products reduce the sensitivity, are compatible with latex condoms, do not contain anaesthetics (no lidocaine or benzocaine) and have no numbing effects. But what is the difference?

pjur sprays
• Water-based formulations
• Are absorbed into the upper layers of the skin
• Effects from natural active ingredients

pjur serums
• Silicone-based formulations
• Are not absorbed by the skin
• Build an invisible film on the skin

The difference between pjur water- and silicone-based lubricants

Silicone-based personal lubricants
• Perfect as a personal lubricant and for massages
• Not absorbed by the skin > long-lasting lubrication
• Silky-smooth consistency and non-sticky

Water-based personal lubricants
• Also nurture & moisturise the skin
• Long-lasting, non-sticky lubrication
• Compatible with all erotic toys

• Made without perfume or added flavours
• For all skin types
• Compatible with latex condoms

How personal lubricants are used and removed

How to use?
Apply the desired amount directly onto an area of the body.

How much?
Just a few drops of silicone-based personal lubricant are enough for each application,
as a little goes a very long way. Water-based personal lubricants are
absorbed very quickly. So they may need to be applied several times during sex.

How to remove from the body?
Water-based lubricants are absorbed by the skin
Silicone-based lubricants can be removed with lukewarm water and a mild soap

How to remove from fabrics?
Spots on fabrics can be removed after 3 – 4 washes using commercial washing detergent at the right temperature.
If necessary, you can remove silicone stains more quickly using a silicone/oil stain remover from your chemist.

Boxed products

pjur products are certified medical devices (MD) and must follow the rules of the European Medical Device Regulation (MDR) and the Australian TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration)

Why boxes may not be removed?
From a regulatory perspective
• The box is an inseparable part of the product.
• Removing the box of a medical device is an unauthorized alteration of the product.
• Only the manufacturer himself is allowed to alter medical devices.
• The content on the label and the box is clearly defined to inform consumers to its full extend.
• If any essential information is missing due to a removed box, rules are broken.
• The closed box guarantees an untouched product.
→ Originally boxed pjur products whose outer packaging have subsequently been removed, are not safe and cannot be sold any longer.

From a sales perspective
• The pjur med series looks more professional with a box.
• You can clearly distinct the pjur med series from other pjur products.
• The better look justifies the higher price.
• A different target group can be aquired.

pjur serving Australia for 25 years

pjur is celebrating an important anniversary in 2023: Not long after the company was established, it broke into the Australian erotic market with its range of premium personal lubricants. That makes Australia one of the first markets that pjur conquered
outside of Europe. pjur has now been successfully selling its premium personal lubricants in Australia and New Zealand for 25 years. pjur highly appreciates the close cooperation with Sugar & Sas, the leading distributor of high-quality lifestyle products.
Now it is time to say thank you and to celebrate.

pjur at “Sas in the City”
To celebrate this important anniversary in style, pjur has organised a whole host of exciting promotions for retailers and consumers which will run throughout October.
pjur has designed special POS material for the occasion to be used by Australian retailers. This means that everyone – stores and end consumers alike – can get involved and celebrate this milestone as part of the Australian pjur family.
See you.

pjur named “Sex Lubricant Company of the Year” again

XBIZ Europa Award goes to pjur for the fifth time
On 12 September, pjur was awarded the XBIZ Europa Award for “Sex Lubricant Company of the Year”. This is the fifth time the premium personal lubricant manufacturer has won the award – more than any other personal lubricant manufacturer.
“We are delighted to receive this award. It proves that our work appeals to the community. In the last year we have focused on two important is-sues: our brand refresh and of course the MDR certification of our prod-ucts. This has helped us to further
hone our brand while also guarantee-ing the best possible quality and safety of our products in the future. That is what makes pjur so successful,” says Alexander Giebel, CEO & founder of pjur. “We’d like to thank XBIZ and everyone who voted for us!”

About the XBIZ awards

The XBIZ Awards have been awarded annually in the USA since 2003. There was a special presentation for the European market for the sixth time in 2023. Awards were handed out for “Movies & Production”, “Web & Technology”, “Pleasure Products”, and “Retail & Distribution”.


In warm appreciation of all your hard work this year we would like to say


for the fruitful and loyal cooperation and wish you a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.We at pjur will always place our services at your disposal. Keep healthy and happy and Feel the Real.

See you in 2024.

pjur sets focus on quality
pjur’s uncompromising focus on quality, investing in certified production processes and registering all its personal lubricants under medical class IIb is paying off.

  • pjur has received more than 40 industry awards during the last 25 years
  • pjur is the only brand in the adult industry that has all its personal lubricants registered under medical class IIa, fulfilling the highest criteria according to EU norms and regulations [ISO-13485:2016]. Consistent high quality is guaranteed through annual audits

  • pjur is the only privately-owned European lubricant brand to fulfil all regulations of the American FDA and that is certified to sell its products on the North American market
pjur INFINITY has been named “Lubricant of the Year” for 2023

pjur INFINITY has been named “Lubricant of the Year” for 2023 by SIGN Magazine. The product impressed with its unique look, consisting of a luxurious glass bottle and sleek, modern label design. With pjur INFINITY, pjur has created a line exclusively targeting the premium segment and designed to appeal to discerning customers who place great importance on the quality of the products they use. With this award, pjur has once again confirmed its role as a pioneer in lubricant products on the worldwide adult market.

Success beyond the adult market

In 2022, the launch of pjur INFINITY marked the start of pjur’s extensive brand refresh. The new, contemporary look sets a new standard for premium lubricants in both the adult and mainstream market. Today, pjur INFINITY is enjoying great success and has moved beyond the adult market to firmly establish itself within the mainstream market too. However, the silicone-based and water-based formulas have also received great praise from specialist retailers as first-rate, innovative products. In addition, the luxury appearance of pjur INFINITY ensures customers receive an exclusive shopping experience.

All of this means that pjur not only provides retailers and customers with safe, MDR-certified and TGA-registered products but is also continually exploring cutting-edge product solutions as it cements its role as a modern trendsetter for premium lubricants of the very highest quality.



Welcome to the Future of pjur – Have you already seen our new design?

The first products with the new labels will be available in the market shortly. To ensure a smooth transition, all products in our portfolio will be gradually updated throughout the year.



Boost your online sales with the Digital Brand Space

Having an online shop doesn’t automatically translate into online success. Like brick-and-mortar stores, there are many elements that have a positive influence on customers’ purchasing processes in online stores.

In the online world in particular, it is vital that visitors to your shop can immediately access and find the brands, products and information they are looking for. If they can’t, you risk losing them.

pjur’s digital Brand Space concept provides targeted elements that let you guide more potential customers to your online shop and turn them into real customers who will keep coming back time and again. Use it to boost your success.

The benefits for you:

  • A better shopping experience, which leads to faster conversion rates
    and greater sales potential
  • Guides your customers directly to premium pjur products
  • Increases the – very important – emotional factor of your online shop
    Don’t forget that you need to replace the old layouts in your online presences with the new designs. In this context, feel free to use all the new materials available in the dealer lounge!

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