About pjur

Our vision is to improve the love lives and quality of life of people the world over. We help people rediscover their passion and joy, enable them to enjoy carefree sex and increase their sexual wellbeing. We are an inspiring force that encourages people to get to know themselves and embrace their sex life free from taboos. Because a fulfilled sex life increases self-confidence and is the basis for good quality of life.

Premium Quality

We do not compromise on the quality and safety of our products. We work daily to continually improve our quality and put your satisfaction first.

Your Wellbeing

We produce our products exclusively in Germany, using high-quality ingredients that are highly effective and provide you with the safety you need.

Our Passion
For more than 25 years we have supported people worldwide to enhance their intimate pleasure. We do what we do best. It´s our passion!

For a better love & life quality

It was in 1995 that Alexander Giebel wondered why the lubricating gels available lost their lubricity so quickly and became sticky. This was the birth of pjur.

“pjur was created with the vision of improving the love life and quality of life of people all over the world. We help people rediscover their passion and joy, enable them to enjoy carefree sex and increase their sexual wellbeing.“

– Alexander Giebel, Founder & CEO

Everybody deserves love

pjur is for everyone. For you, for me, for us, for them. No matter who you love and no matter how you love. We from pjur makes this experience possible with our superior products and commitment to excellence.

Look for the yellow dot!

The „yellow dot“ is the key visual of pjur. It gives our products, services and all our materials an unmistakable appearance and contributes significantly to our worldwide recognition.


The brand name “pjur” comes from the english word “purity”. And the name is program. It is a by-word for reliability and safety the world over, promising premium products “Made in Germany” to uncompromising quality standards. 

Highest quality standard

Personal lubricants are used on the most intimate parts of the body and enter into the body through these areas. As such, it is in the user’s interest that all products are extensively tested and approved for use without any reservations. pjur has over 27 years of experience in manufacturing intimate products and is therefore committed to ensuring more transparency, more safety and compliance with high quality standards in manufacturing. For a personal lubricant to be marketed as a Class IIb medical device, the manufacturer must provide proof that their quality management system is certified in line with standard EN ISO/ISO 13485.

Contact us 

If you have any questions, suggestions or critics about the pjur products or the pjur brand please feel free to contact us. We are happy to answer all your questions and feedback.

Just send us your message via the form or directly to info@pjur.com.

Your pjur team.